Monday, February 7, 2011

Slimmed Down Sweets-Diet Coke Cake

So, we’re heading toward the middle of February. I have been seriously off my game in the blogging segment of my life. See, I (like about a million other Americans) decided for my New Year’s Resolution that I was going to be healthier. Well, you know what? That seriously puts a quietus on the making/baking of my Sinful Southern Sweets. And you know what else, I don’t like that!! So, I decided to post a recipe that some of you still holding tight to your weight loss efforts might appreciate.

I was talking to one of my sister in laws the other day and telling her about this cake. Its beyond easy. If you have ever been around anyone on Weight Watchers you have probably heard of this cake. I have joined Weight Watchers so many times, Mr. Sweets usually just asks once a year if we’ve made our yearly donation to Weight Watchers. Humph,….Funny, funny. Oh, and its not that the program doesn’t work. It does, I just have problems with structure. Hmmm, imagine that!

So, back to the recipe, this is the infamous Diet Coke Cake. You can make it with any flavor cake mix and any diet drink. I used a strawberry cake mix and a Cherry Diet 7-up.  Some recipes do not call for egg whites, but I think  you’ll have better results using them. If you are doing weight watchers, this was once 4 points (sans cool whip). I understand the program has changed so that point value might not be accurate anymore. Hmmm, I guess its time to make my yearly donation and find out:)
Don’t worry, my stint with healthy eating usually only lasts as long as the next holiday. I will soon have some serious Sinful Southern Sweets coming up for Valentine’s Day!!


Diet Coke Cake
1 (18 oz) cake mix, dry, any flavor
12 oz diet soda, any flavor
1/4 cup liquid egg whites (or 2 egg whites from whole eggs)

1)Mix together the dry cake mix, soda and egg whites. 
2) Pour into a lightly greased 9x13 pan.
3)Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes.
4)Slice into 12 pieces. 4 Weight Watchers Points per slice.
5)Top with Cool Whip, if desired (make sure to count points for Cool Whip).


Julie said...

Ha! Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. Trying to diet and my blogging is suffering for it. Oh well. The cake sounds (and looks) yummy. I was thinking about making my WW donation as well to find out what the new point hub bub is all about. Although I think the new calculations raises the point value of most things, so maybe I'll stick with the old plan :)

Leslie said... healthy eating doesn't last long either!!! LOL
Love the diet coke cake!

floweringmama said...

Hey this looks like something even kiddos would like! This will definitely be something I'll try soon.

Amanda said...

You were featured today over at Today's Top 20!


Rick said...

This is something I have never seen before!

Katie @ This Chick Cooks said...

I'm featuring your delicious cake today! Thanks for sharing your recipe. It reminds me that spring is coming :) I hope you can stop by.

Brandie@thecountrycook said...

This cake sounds and looks really good - even if it is diet...LOL.
Thank you for sharing this recipe! I'm your newest follower :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, what is cool whip? What would be a substitute to use as we don't have that in England?


Sinful Southern Sweets said...

Hi! Cool Whip is a whipped topping that can be found in the freezer section here in the US. I'm not sure what a good low cal substitute would be in England. You could always use real whipped cream...of course it would not be slimmed down anymore:)
Any type of whipped topping or whipped cream type topping would work. Hope you are able to give it a try. Take Care

Anonymous said...