Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hey Y'all

Well, I've seen so many other fabulous food bloggers out there, I finally decided I wanted to give this a try myself. It seems I am making/creating sinful southern sweets on a regular basis, so perhaps I could share some of my yummy recipes with others. Baking is probably my favorite hobby. If I am needing to relax or have time to think something through, I bake. It is my release. Some people play golf, tennis, scrapbook, listen to music. I bake. And I try to bake, taste and get it out of my house as quickly as possible. It appears to adhear to my thighs and backside otherwise :) Or as one of my sister in laws always said "Why don't you just go ahead and super glue that cake to my a**, that's where its gonna end up anyways." And she is right, that is where its going, so I just gift away my creations. Which you know, as a southern girl, it appears that I am just being gracious and thoughtful when I'm sending out my 10 lbs of fudge to all those sweet friends of mine. Well, I'm really only doing myself a favor. So sit back and get ready for our little adventure of recipes to come. See Y'all later!