Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Never Say Never"

I know this blog is primarily about recipes and I promise I will be posting another recipe later today. But I just had to take a minute to share a little life lesson. First let me say, I have wonderful inlaws. My husband's 2 sisters are both a few years older than me, so I have always respected their opinions and advice. My husband's younger sister has always told me "Never say Never." She used this in terms of "Never say you will not let your child sleep with you, because you probably will. (And she was right, they have both slept with me more than a few nights through their babyhood). In other words, never say you will absolutely not do something, because at some point down the road, you very well may end up doing that exact thing. I really have always thought that was great advice. But I must say, there have possibly been a few things that I just would not agree would ever happen unless Hell froze over. For example, through my entire life, either riding or driving through different areas of town, I know I have proclaimed "I will NEVER have household appliances and such sitting on my porch/yard, etc" or probably my more along the lines of "Hell will freeze over, before I ever live like that."
Seriously, there is just no sense in it. You can be a better person than that. Right? Well... Hell hath frozen over. As I walked past my backdoor this morning, this was the vision that I beheld.

I just had to laugh. I do have a good reason for that toilet to be sitting on the back porch. Well, I guess all those other people with household goods sitting in their yards have good reasons too :) But seriously, we have been having a little renovation done to our bedroom and bath. Well, the little renovation has now turned into a month long renovation. And ultimately will probably be 2 months by the time it is completely finished.
The moral of my story: my sister in law was right. You just never, ever, say you will never do something. And perhaps the next time I pass some of those individuals with toilets/washers/bathtubs, etc sitting in their yard, I will have a little more compassion for them. Well, atleast if its on their backporch or backyard. I mean, I will NEVER have all that junk in my front yard :)